About PhotoHoof

Where it all began… It was a real labour of love!

We were lovingly gifted an old horse box to help us move our small herd of sheep, however as family and work commitments took over the sheep had to be moved on, which left us with an old, very well used horse box!

We came up with various ideas of what we could use it for, however after discussing with family and friends the interest grew into turning into a photo booth for own wedding. At this stage we never imagined we could turn it into our own business!

Like any renovation we completely underestimated the time and cost involved. “It just needs a lick of paint…” he said. Well that lick of paint turned into hundreds of man hours, lovingly converting it into a perfect photo booth for any occasion.

And the proof is in the pudding… It’s first outing was for our wedding and we couldn’t believe how much interest the horse box was getting! It created a real focal point and some loving memories for us to cherish forever.

Since then we have attended other weddings, birthdays, charity events and more, with everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves when inside the booth. Along the way we have added more props, upgraded the equipment and put a lot of thought into making the booth as user friendly as possible.

This makes all the hard work, sweat and tears well worth it and we hope you will enjoy our fun photo booth at your event soon!


Who's Behind The Box?


Carly & Charlie on their wedding day in their lovingly renovated Horse Box Photo Booth!